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Xanthe White's guide to growing strawberries

Thanks again to Xanthe for this excerpt from her book Organic Vegetable Gardening, in which ...

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Win! A Pest control pack from Tui


Autumn is a busy time in the garden but as we harvest, preserve and tidy ...


Tool time

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img_3662.jpgTools are often described as the back bone of all good gardens. 
The list of tools can be endless but for winter jobs you will need a pair of secateurs and loppers, a wheelbarrow, rake and gloves. Long handled loppers are a ‘must have’ for those prickly and tricky jobs, where as sharp secateurs will quickly bring into shape smaller shrubs and perennials.
You simply can’t have enough garden gloves and trowels. Garden gloves come in such a neat range of colours and styles that you can even colour coordinate them with your gardening outfits. Recently I spotted a friend whom I won’t name wearing her floral garden gloves whilst out shopping in her favorite garden centre.

basil---potting-bench.jpgSharp and well maintained tools will look after you and your plants for years. As a child I learnt this the hard way, I remember if I used a spade or tool from Dad’s garden shed, I had to clean it carefully before putting it back or else I would find myself eating dinner on the wood box for a week. Needless to say I learnt the hard way. It’s always a good idea to clean and oil tools frequently when you put them away, wipe down wooden handles as well as metal parts. this way you will have a well stocked garden tool shed for years to come. This is one of those occasions I advise you do what I say and not as I do!