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Mellow Yellow

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Mellow Yellow

By Rachel Vogan

In the cooler months you really do notice what has good colour in the garden. This past season I have begun to use a lot more yellow and lemon coloured foliage to add more colour to the garden. During the winter months these plants are in a class of their own.

Mellow Yellow, Coleonema Sunset Gold, Sedum Gold Mexicana, Phormium, Pittosporum, Coprosma Mellow Yellow, Coleonema Sunset Gold, Sedum Gold Mexicana, Phormium, Pittosporum, Coprosma

I find them most useful in the dark shady areas, as these always tend to look more drab in the cooler months. Foliage colour adds so much to the garden, when you are buying your plants don’t just limit yourself to thinking about the flowers of the plant – think a bit further outside the square.

This week I am going to talk about my favourite Mellow yellows.

Coleonema Sunset Gold – the bright yellow low growing shrub, with soft fragrant foliage. IN the spring you are treated to delicate pink starry flowers. This plant is at its best planted in full sun with good drainage. It is ideal planted in-groups for maximum impact.

Sedum Gold Mexicana – A tried and true favourite of mine. A flat ground cover with bright lime yellow foliage all year round. You can plant this wee gem in the sun or shade – in the sun is stays a golden yellow and in the shade it’s a real lime-yellow. It’s hardy and seems to thrive on little or no attention.

Phormium Yellow Wave – this is a stylish weeping flax, with shades of yellow, lemon and green. Plant in sun or shade; make sure you have good drainage to avoid any rot occurring. I suggest you plant in mass for maximum impact. Throughout the winter months this flax is the highlight in any garden.

Acorus 'Agon' – this is a funky little grass that all grass lovers will enjoy. A low growing (30 cm high) grass, that thrives in shady parts of the garden. The bright yellow and green striped strappy leaves make an extraordinary contrast with other plants and the soil – look out for it – it’s a real winner!

Pittosporum Gold Star - a hardy little native shrub that has pretty curly leaves that stay neat and tidy all season. The new growth is a crisp lemon colour and the new leaves look like little stars. This plant is ideal planted in pots and tubs as well as the garden.

Coprosma Picturata – another colourful native plant, that really stands out in the cooler months. Dark green leaves are splashed with butter yellow blotches throughout the year. A taller growing shrub that thrives in poor conditions – ideal planted on banks and around the coast.