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Hedging Herbs

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Hedging Herbs Formal and semi formal garden styles are still very popular with many gardeners. There are a number plants that are ‘herbs’ on the one hand but that will form excellent hedges. Rosemary UprightFull name: Rosmarinus Officinalis Makes for a very erect hedge that doesn’t require too much trimming. Quite aside from its brilliance as a hedge, rosemary can also do all the following for you: The traditional favourite for seasoning lamb dishes. Useful as an antiseptic mouthwash. Reputed to help ease rheumatic pains. Try keeping sachets of dried foliage in the wardrobe to repel moths. Use fresh leaves in the bath to stimulate blood circulation. Prefers a sunny free draining position. Can also be grown in a pot. Grows to 60 cm high by 40 cm wide. CatmintFull name: Nepeta x Faassenii A choice hedge whether for an informal cottage garden or the most grand of formal gardens. Arguably the most popular of all cottage plants this versatile performer is also superb under roses. Flowers over a long period from late spring right through the summer months. The prolonged summer flowering can be further extended by a light trimming mid-season. Cut back hard in late autumn/winter to keep tidy. Best with some sun, can also be grown well in a container. Grows to 35 cm high by 45 cm wide. Lavender EnglishAlternate Name: Lavandula Angustifolia Surely the quintessential ‘English’ hedge, again suitable for both formal and informal gardens. The flowers are deliciously aromatic and may be dried. This is the lavender renowned for its use in the perfume and oil industry. Its many uses include pot pourri, herb pillows, and for adding fresh fragrances to linen. It also has antiseptic properties. Loves a sunny position and ideal in a border. Grows to 50 cm high by 40 cm wide.