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Red Sorrel - Harvest Tips


Red Sorrel - Rumex Sanguineus Red Sorrel is a wonderful salad green and vegetable. The ...

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Bold and the Beautiful - Vibrant colourful plants

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Bold and the Beautiful - Vibrant colourful plants

Summer is the stage for vibrant colourful plants to strut there stuff in the garden. Be adventurous and use brightly coloured flowering plants to enhance you home and garden.


begoniasThis week we feature ten of the best:

  1. Geraniums – love em or hate em they thrive on neglect and come in a vibrant pallete of colours. Perfect for pots, window boxes and balconies.
  2. Begonias - take centre stage with there bold, bright and perfectly formed blooms. Plant somewhere close to your living areas so you can appreciate the blooms as they appear
  3. Delphiumiums – choose these stately social climbers for there tall upright habits and multitude of vibrant flowers. Once the first flowering is finished cut back to encourage a second set of flowers.
  4. Petunias – pretty, perfect and pristine, Petunias offer a long flowering option for garden borders and pots alike. Plant in full sun to ensure months of flowering
  5. Gazanias – hot stuff! These perky nad durable perennials bring all sunny says alive with there star shaped flowers. Bold orange, red, yellow and cream flowers look at home in coastal gardens, in pots and along fence lines
  6. Fuchsias – with masses of blooms for months on end these plants are the perfect choice for baskets, shady areas and in some cases full sun. Prune after frosts have passed in the spring.
  7. dahliasDahlias – Grunty, tough and classey, Dahlias thrive in pots, the garden and on balconies and patios. Choose a colour and style that suits your personality or home.
  8. Alstromeria – Peruvian Lily. Vivid flowers appear from late spring through until the frosts start. Ideal for picking for a vase these plants come in varying sizes and will grow in sun or shade.
  9. Agapanthus. Blue and white will never go out of fashion. Choose between small or all varieties for a plant that rewards you with all year round green foliage and months of flower stems.
  10. Red hot pokers – Khiphofia. Not all red hot pokers are red, they also come in yellow, white, cream and orange shades. Ideal for planting in hot dry barren areas.