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Home Recipes

Tossed chorizo and mushroom rice

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mushroom-recipe.jpgMany vegetables are expensive in winter but mushrooms are abundant year round in our supermarkets. They weigh light and because you don’t always need a lot, they can make for a nutritious and inexpensive meal.
Try this suggestion for  a quick and easy Friday night meal.

Prepare enough cooked Basmati rice for 6-8 people and set aside.

In a bowl whisk together two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, two tablespoons of red wine vinegar (try the Prenzel variety) two teaspoons paprika, good pinch of salt and a generous dash of pepper.

When well combined add 450grams of sliced button mushrooms, stir to coat well and leave to stand about 10 minutes.

In the meantime thinly slice two onions (brown variety fine). Place in microwavable bowl, cover with plastic wrap and microwave on high for three minute until tender.

Preheat non stick pan on medium and if needed spray with quick burst of oil (just enough to lightly coat and no more) Add two to three chopped chorizo sausages and stir fry for two or three minutes until sausage begins to colour.

Add the onions and saute for further three minutes. Finally add the mushrooms, tossing around for another two or three minutes until mushrooms are tender.

Spoon the sausage/mushroom/onion mix into a large bowl and add the warm rice,  quarter up of finely chopped parsley, half cup chopped, pitted olives (green or black) and half cup  almond flakes. Toss until well mixed and serve with grilled chicken, lamb chops or pan fried fish. Flavour tip: When stir frying sausage, and onion, add two to three rashers of finely chopped bacon