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From the Editor

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helen-perry-garden-nz.jpgAt this time of year even avid gardeners starting yearning for a holiday usually in the sun although the snow has its attractions too.

With holidays on my own mind, I was really excited when Garden-NZ was given a double pass to the Australian Garden Show to be held in Sydney’s Centennial Park in September. What a wonderful prize for gardeners.

This massive, 220 hectare park, just 10 minutes from central Sydney, is truly lovely. The Australian Government began planning the park way back in 1886. Two years later it was dedicated by Sir Henry Parkes to celebrate the first 100 years of European settlement in Australia and was declared ‘the people’s park’.

Sadly, it has been the scene of tragedy – in 1986, gangster’s moll, Sallie-Anne Huckstepp was found drowned, thought to have been murdered, in the Busby Pond. But this aside, it is a most beautiful park year-round. In fact, it contains, within its parklands, several smaller parks as well as lakes and waterways, mature trees, flower beds, a bird sanctuary and many public facilities.

Sydney-siders use it for bird watching, picnics and dog walking, horse riding, rollerblading and more. As such, I cannot think of a more suitable venue for the garden show and if there was a chance of going, I’d be there. However, I will be in Fiji enjoying my own bit of sunshine and relaxation. Still, I’m crossing my fingers that those who can realistically attend the show will enter the draw and that there’ll be a deserving winner.

But, enough of my rambling. From stately kings to modest midgets, all our readers can appreciate the benefits of home-grown glories. Thanks to Kings Seeds, we not only have great prize packs to give away  but we also take a sneak peak at new releases (plant of the week) and learn how to grow microgreens (grow your own). Then there’s a Danny’s Pita Bread mid-winter hamper up for grabs and a medley of winter warming recipes to keep hungry tums full. So, with all that, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

Until next week, keep up with the gardening,
Cheers from Helen and the Garden-NZ team