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Summer vegetables – Oh those summer day... bites!


Summer can be a lovely time of year in the garden. But unless veggies are ...

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Win! A copy of Backyard Chickens – a guide for beginners


While many of us may be busy hoeing into chocolate eggs delivered (quite suspiciously!) by ...


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Snapdragon is the common name for Antirrhinum, the flower that usually resembles the face of a dragon that opens and closes its mouth when laterally squeezed (thus the 'snap').


The name ‘Antirrhinum’, derived from Greek, literally means ‘like a nose’, and refers to the nose-like capsule in its mature state.


Snapdragons are perennial plants that do best in full or partial sun. They can be grown from the seed, but gardeners usually prefer to use seedlings. Available in a range of heights – dwarf, medium and tall – the plants uniformly bear a whorl of flowers atop slender stalks.


These flowers come in a variety of colours including white, yellow, red, pink, and orange.


A very hardy plant, Snapdragon can withstand a heavy frost, and insect and disease problems are not too common as well.


Snapdragons are a favourite flower for cutting and fragrance. They are excellent in beds, edgings, and containers, and even in rock gardens. They are also a popular flower for bouquets and vases.