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Guava - Red Cherry

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How rewarding is it to be able to pick and grow your own Guaveas. Enjoy them handful at a time through winter and autumn.


When, where and how to plant:
Guavas are hardy trees which will tolerate a wide range of temperatures. In cold areast he growing tips may get damaged by frost or show but generally it doesn’t kill the tree. Plant in full sun with a well drained fertile soil.

Small White flowers appear in late spring, flowers are pollinated by insects and birds. Red cherry Guavas are a small quick growing trees with a compact habit eventually reaching 2 to 4 metres in height. They are a self fertile plant so you only have to plant 1 tree in your garden to get fruit.


Fruit is best picked when fully ripe. It should be fully coloured and slightly soft to touch. Fruit starts ripening from mid April through to June – July depending on where you live in the country.

How to use:
Use fresh in desserts and pies. Or try making your own jams or jellies.