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Parsley – an easy-peasy growing guide


When it comes to growing parsley some folk will say, &ldquo it' s easier than ...

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Varieties and types:
Cucumbers come in different types, telegraph – which are the long tube like varieties and apple types which are round like a apple.
Look for Diva, Green Dragon and long White Wonder telegraph varieties. Crystal apple is a round apple type.

When, where and how to plant:
Sow seeds in spring in trays, prick out into pots once seeds have germinated. Cucumber seed are prone to dampening off fungal problems when germinating. Be careful not to get seed trays too wet and ensure you have good ventilation.
Alternatively purchase plants in spring at the garden centre. Cucumbers are very frost tender and can not be planted outside once all fear of frosts has passed. Telegraph varieties will produce long straight cucumbers if trained up wires and kept of the ground. One plant can produce dozens of Cucumbers.

Growing Guide:
Cucumbers like heat and moisture to flourish, so glass house conditions are prefect as long as good ventilation is available. High humidity will encourage pests and diseases, so remember to open vents or doors on glass house often. Cucumbers are gross feeders and enjoy regular applications of fertilizer. Remove any dead or diseased parts of the plant.

Pick telegraph types when cucumbers are 20cm long and apple types are the size of an apple. Regular harvesting will encourage new flowers and fruit.

How to use:
Use in salads, sandwiches or on crackers. A key ingredient in riata, chutneys and pickles