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Corn Harvest - Pick of the crop

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Corn Harvest - Pick of the crop

cornCorn is one of those quintessential summer vegetables that makes my mouth water just thinking about the taste of it.
The trick when growing your own corn is knowing when and how to harvest it. Mother Nature is a clever lady and often gives us hints and tips on how to know when crops are ready.

You can tell when this happens by feeling the end of a cob. If it's rounded or blunt rather than pointed, the ears are ready. When the ‘Corn Silk’ or hairs as they are sometimes called dry up and turn dark brown it’s a sign the cobs are ready to be picked.  

If you don't trust your judgment, you can pull back a bit of the husk and check to see if the cob looks like it’s ready. Don’t try and tell me you haven’t done this before as I often see people in the supermarket sneaking a look at corn cobs to choose only the best looking ones. Corn cobs don’t all mature at the same time. You are best to leave the corn on the plant to ripen fully before you harvest. Sometimes you will find that your corn cob may not have a lot of actual corn on each cob. This is often caused by a lack or water and or nutrients during the development phase of the corn. Once the cob has developed there is nothing you can do about a lack of corn kernels it other than to make a note to remember to water corn well once it’s planted next season.

To harvest simply snap the whole cobs off the stem of the plant. Be careful not to break the plant in half though when you are picking the corn.
Corn is perfect cooked in its husk on the bbq or in the microwave. Simply cook for a few minutes each side on the bbq or cook for 3-5 minutes in the microwave. Suggest you remove the corn hair prior to cooking as it’s hard to remove once the corn is cooked and hot. Serve with lashings of fresh butter and rock salt and freshly ground pepper.

Read how to grow your own corn here.