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Garden patio bling

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container.jpgGROWING plants in containers is a popular way to bring patios, outdoor rooms and the garden to life.

Plants soften edges, add colour, vibrancy and in some cases perfume.

Often referred to as the garden accessories, cleverly placed pots and containers create a statement, just as a necklace or belt does. Containers create focal points to enhance areas of the garden and draw the eye away from places the gardener doesn’t wish to highlight.

Plants that happily thrive in pots and containers range from edible wonders, such as dwarf fruit trees, lemons and limes, endless vegetable crops to the flower power of roses, geraniums, petunias, poppies and dahlias.

For fragrant options try gardenia, star jasmine, rosemary or daphne. Mix and matching different plant combinations is fun and enables the gardener to change the garden each season in a cost-effective way.

Flowers can be planted under topiaries or fruit trees. Strawberries are good with parsley in hanging baskets.

container3.jpgNew on the patio bling scene this season is Petunia Raspberry Blast which smothers itself in raspberry and pink flowers all season.

Most plants can adapt to life in a container providing they have enough room for their roots, plenty of fertiliser, water and the correct sun or shade requirements.

How wide or tall a plant can grow is affected by the size of the container.

container2.jpgTips for container garden success

Place the pot/container carefully and choose plants that suit the situation.

Ensure the container is big enough to house the plants. Haxnicks Patio Planters come in a range of colours.

All pots and containers require drainage holes, otherwise the roots may drown or diseases will occur.

Bulbs, flowers and herbs make brilliant planting combinations with strong foliage plants.

Seek out Pot Power potting mix, specifically designed for container gardening. Tui Outdoor container mix is ideal for growing plants like natives and grasses in large pots.

Keep plants well watered, deep watering a few times a week. Blend in re-wetting granules like Saturaid to help the soil hold onto moisture.

Use controlled release plant food like Osmocote Pots, Planters and Indoors every six months. For a quick fix of nutrients try Tui Eco-Fert.

Twist pots and containers around frequently to ensure all sides get even light.

Ask a friend or neighbour to water pots and containers while absent.

Check potted plants seasonally and re-pot if necessary.