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Beans King of the Blues – Purple runner bean


These neat purple coloured runner beans are quick and easy to grow. If you do ...

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Russell Fransham Subtropicals

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Courtyard Gardens

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Courtyard Garden

This style of gardening is on the rapid increase. As sections are becoming smaller within the city areas, the courtyard garden trend is becoming very popular. You can have a stunning garden in a small area. Trust me big isn’t always beautiful as far as gardens go! A well planned courtyard garden will not only be pleasing to look at but it will also add value to your property.

Types of Courtyard Garden:

  • Formal – this is a very simple concept, but do not be fooled by the statement simple. This style will add value to your property, and give you plenty of enjoyment and pleasure. Choose straight lines and use symmetrical plantings. This means use the same plants or pots opposite each other. Have a focal point in the garden such as a seat, water feature, statue, topiary or outdoor living area. Make your garden lead you to this area. Use a limited amount of plants, nut plant them en masse. This effect is very dramatic, and if you choose low maintenance plants, you wont have to spend a lot of time keeping it tidy.
  • Mediterranean – choose terracotta tiles, planters or features. Add brightly coloured pots and features. For example tall blue urns planted with bright yellow succulents or cactus. Simple lines are best for this style – but you can add in curves, and the lines do not need to be symmetrical. Sharp lines with geometric shapes are dramatic. Choose plants with bold foliage and form, you do not need a lot of plants. To enhance the area add large rocks-boulders, driftwood, outdoor mirrors, urns or sculptures to suit the setting.
  • Exotic or foliage style – this style brings foliage and texture plants into the garden. Choose plants with strong foliage, bold colour and dramatic habit. Plant them in large groups to give the feeling of a large space. Plants with lush foliage often add a real "healthy" feeling to the garden. Plants which are ideal are Myostodium, Hellebores, Hostas, Daylilies, Arthropodium, Puka, Scleranthus, Astelia, Palms, Acanthus and many more.
You can create a feeling of space in a courtyard garden. These styles of garden are often secluded and intimate. Use containers as accessories to add colour and style to your areas. You can grow your own herbs and veges in pots if space is at a premium. Your courtyard garden should be an extension of your living areas – bring your garden into your home.