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Parsley Parsley is a bright green herb also used as spice. ...

Russell Fransham Subtropicals

Russell Fransham Subtropicals

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Container Gardening

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It is always a good time to start planting up your containers for all year round colour. Here is a step by step guide to container gardening.




Containers are so versatile as you can move them around your garden. They are also at home on the terrace, courtyard, balcony, and patio and in your entranceways. Step-to-Step to successful container gardening. A container – make sure your container will do the job you want it to. Drainage holes are essential for good plant growth. Potting mix – choose high quality potting mix –patio and tub mixes are best. Make sure you potting mix has water-storing crystals Fertilizer and feeding - a regular feed with either liquid or granulated fertilizer (slow release) will certainly benefit your plants. Watering – regular watering will ensure good healthy plants. Use saucers where you can. But do not leave plant sitting in water. Plants – most plants are suitable for containers – except for fast growing trees and shrubs. Choose colours and plants, which will enhance your home and garden.




Hot Tips from our container expert A hand full of shingle or loose gravel in the bottom of your pot will help increase drainage. And at the same time it will keep slugs, snails and weevils out of your pots. Do not over fill your pot, with potting mix, you want to leave a good inch or two for watering purposes. Add water-storing crystals to your potting mix, you will not be disappointed. Make sure you container is deep enough – tall plants will not thrive in shallow pots. Plant the biggest plant first. Add the bulbs before you fill the container up with potting mix. To finish plant the smaller plants such as succulent and annuals. Use a topping to add another dimension to your pots, pebbles, shells and driftwood all look stunning. Treat your containers as accessories, just like you would do with clothes. Remember you can move them around the garden to add colour or to add to features in another area. Container Gardening is like baking a cake – use the right ingredients and you will have success. Choose your plants carefully, do not try and make shade loving plant thrive on your hot sunny deck in summer.