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Gherkins – growing cooler cucs


Let's face it, we all want to hang with the cool kids but that'...

Win! A copy of New Zealand Native Ground Cover Plants


To Lawrie Metcalf and Roy Edwards, good gardens grows from the ground up! ...


NZ Gardener

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NZ Gardener has declared war on the nation’s 20 nastiest noxious weeds with advice for kiwi gardeners going into battle in their backyards this month.

In its April issue, NZ Gardener names and shames 20 of New Zealand’s worst offenders – many of which started out as much-loved garden plants before escaping and running riot in gardens, parks and forests. 

The end of summer is the ideal time to defeat the enemy, says NZ Gardener editor Lynda Hallinan.

“These rampant weeds make the Shortland Street serial killer look like an amateur. Moth plant, old man’s beard and Japanese honeysuckle will strangle anything and everything in their path if you let down your guard.”

NZ Gardener’s experts have teamed up with the Weedbusters programme to find out the best chemical controls to stop these plant pests in their tracks – and prevent them coming back.

The April issue of NZ Gardener also provides top tips on recycling your waste with a worm farm. A healthy worm population can munch up around 80% of your family’s food scraps each week and provide a steady supply of nutrient-rich compost and liquid fertiliser in the process.

New Zealand Gardener is giving away 10 eco-friendly Can-O-Worms worm farms this month – plus 20,000 live worms to get the composting process going.

Making the most of the season’s apple harvests, Lynda Hallinan and Joe Bennett discover the wonderful world of homemade cider, with some explosive results.

If cider is not to your taste, try food editor Alessandra Zecchini’s apple and fig jam or her other Mediterranean-inspired recipes to make the most of autumn’s bounty. Readers from NZ Gardener’s Get Growing campaign also share their favourite jam recipes – from unique kiwifruit and orange to pumpkin and dried apricot jams. 

The North Island house of the month is a hillside haven on Auckland’s Piha beach. Owners Pete Joyce and Shelley France have transformed their steep, wind-swept, gorse-strewn section into an oasis, with the help of a steady stream of seaweed from the beach.

Another hilltop challenge awaits in the South Island garden of the month. Overlooking Dunedin’s harbour, Liz Payne and Murray Garland’s garden has panoramic views but is challenged by gusty winds and extreme weather conditions. This hasn’t held the couple back from creating a garden that feeds the soul and also keeps the fridge well stocked.

Plus, every new subscriber to NZ Gardener this month gets a free Fiskars hand trowel to help them get growing. And to sign up to join the Get Growing campaign and receive NZ Gardener’s free weekly vege gardening email, visit the website www.nzgardener.co.nz or send an email to getgrowing@nzgardener.co.nz