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Tasman Bay Roses

Tasman Bay Roses

77 Douglas RoadMotueka
RD 1 7196

Phone: (03) 528 7449

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Garden Diary - Vege Growing Guide

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Garden Diary

garden diaryWe have 5 copies of this Garden Diary to give away. Enter your details here to be in to win.

Every now and again I come across something that I think, wow what a great idea, why didn’t I think of that? The new Garden Diary and Vegetable growing guide is well worth hunting out. It’s a magazine type diary that has been prepared by Lynda Hallinan, editor of the New Zealand Gardener magazine.

Each month it features a weekly check list about what you can or should be doing in the garden. Blank spots to fill in what you planted, seeds you sowed and a gap for what you harvested. Alongside these blank spaces are interesting recipes, some of which I know I will try such as Bev Pickards Pumpkin Bake and some I wont like Broad Bean dip (as I loath broad beans)
The wonderful thing about completing a diary is that you can refer to it. My memory is nothing like it use to be, sadly I can’t remember if it was any good anyway. Hence what Lynda has developed is magic, I can see myself referring to it often if I am diligent enough to maintain filling it out regularly. I have filled in the first few weeks of January fo what I harvested but what I did find lacking was a spot to put in what tasks I had completed. Eventually I just wrote them under the seeds sown section which was empty as I haven’t sown any. This week I plan to make Allyson Goftons Spicy plum sauce.

Two years ago, Hallinan vowed to be self-sufficient in the city, growing all her own fresh fruit and vegetables and trading and bartering her excess crops to buy only meat and basic grocery items.

“Growing your own is all the rage,” says Hallinan. “Garden centres are reporting that seed sales are up by well over 25% this season, with seed potato sales doubling and seedling sales up by as much as 300% in some regions.”

“If you’re serious about growing food, it’s essential to keep a diary of what you’re sowing, growing and harvesting so you can learn as you go. Keep a diary in 2009 and, by the end of the year, you’ll be the proud author of the best gardening book you could ever ask for – one written purely for your own plot,”

The Garden Diary is available from leading supermarkets and booksellers for $14.90. Look out for it.

We have 5 copies of this Garden Diary to give away. Enter your details here to be in to win.